Masumi Yamamoto - Harpsichord
~~ Future Concerts and Events ~~

Saturday 9th September 2017, 6pm - Lisbon, Portugal
"Scarlatti and his supporters from England"
The music of Scarlatti was popular in England in the eighteenth century. Handel, who is an exact contemporary of Scarlatti, and Roseingrave, met Scarlatti while they were in Italy, and Roseingrave was responsible for publishing Scarlatti's music in England in 1738/39. Arne owned a copy of this publication, and Scarlatti's influence is clear in his compositions. This programme aims to present music by English supporters of Scarlatti's music, with works by George Frideric Handel, Thomas Arne and Thomas Roseingrave. 

Scarlatti Sonatas K.208/K.209 in A major 
T. Arne Sonata I in F major 
G. F. Handel Passacaille in G minor 
T. Roseingrave Suite in E minor 
 T. Arne Sonata II in E minor
Scarlatti Sonata K.492

Concerto (Brandenburg Concerto No.5)
Sunday 17th September 2017 - All Saints Church, Blackheath, London UK
London Brandenburg Soloists
Soloists: Lana Trotovsek (violin), Ana Julija Mlejnik (vioiln), Boris Bizjak (flute), Masumi Yamamoto (harpsichord)
Johann Sebastian Bach 
Concert for Two Violins in D minor 
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5
Violin Concerto in A minor
Orchestral Suite in B minor

Sunday 24th September 2017, 5pm St. Bartholomew's Sydenham SE26 6QR UK
"Sydenham Concerts" 
English Trio Sonatas
Works by Handel, Boyce, Purcell, Geminiani, Matteis, Arne
George Clifford, baroque violin
Asuka Sumi, baroque violin
Gavin Kibble, baroque cello
Masumi Yamamoto, harpsichord
£12 / £10 Concessions / Free for full-time Students & Under 18s
Please email 
before midnight the day before the concert to get £2 off your tickets

Sunday 1st October 2017, 5pm St. Bartholomew's Sydenham SE26 6QR UK
"Sydenham Concerts" 
JS Bach Sonatas for Viola da gamba and obbligato harpsichord
Ibrahim Aziz, viola da gamba
Masumi Yamamoto, harpsichord
£12 / £10 Concessions / Free for full-time Students & Under 18s
Please email 
before midnight the day before the concert to get £2 off your tickets

Concerto (Brandenburg Concerto No.5) - Atsuta Hall, Nagoya, Japan
Saturday 14th October 2017, 6pm
Soloists: Lana Trotovsek (violin), Boris Bizjak (flute), Masumi Yamamoto (harpsichord)

Thursday 19th October 2017, 7pm - Tokyo Opera City Oumigakudou, Tokyo, Japan

Saturday 21st October 2017, 3.15pm - ノワ・アコルデ音楽アートサロン, Osaka, Japan

Sunday 22nd October 2017 - Kobe Japan
With Boris Bizjak, baroque flute

Saturday 18th November 2017 - Dulwich Village, London, UK
St Barnabas Parish Hall, 23 Dulwich Village SE21 7BT
Hands on Harpsichord!
"Dulwich Music Festival"
12.00 - Masterclass
16.00 - Recital "Le Concert des Oiseaux" (free entry)
Harpsichord works inspired by birds and birdsongs

Saturday 25th November 2017 - Schott Recital Room, London, UK
 48 Great Marlborough Street W1F 7BB (near Oxford Circus)

Anette Bjørnenak (recorders), Krishna Nagaraja (viola/Norwegian folk fiddle) and Masumi Yamamoto (harpsichord) explore folk music of Norway from an eighteenth-century music book and also looks at the way folk music influenced composers of the Baroque era. Works by Telemann, Morel, Mestmacher, CPE Bach, and Barsanti.

Anette Bjørnenak, recorders; 
Krishna Nagaraja, viola/haringfele
Masumi Yamamoto, harpsichord

Monday 18th December 2017 - Blackheath Halls, London, UK
London Brandenburg Soloists

Friday 19th January 2018 - Totnes, Devon, UK
Totnes Early Music Society
Class of 1685
Boris Bizjak, baroque flute
Masumi Yamamoto, harpsichord

Tuesday 13th February 2018 - Brighton, UK
Chapel Royal, Brighton
Boris Bizjak, baroque flute
Masumi Yamamoto, harpsichord

~ Past Concerts ~ (Selection)

Fri 18 August 2017 "Ursus" International Music Festival With Boris Bizjak, baroque flute, Slovenia
"Sydenham Concerts" Sun 16 Jul 2017 - Handel: Works for Two Sopranos Emily Atkinson & Bethany Seymour
Saturday 8th July 2017 With Anette Bjørnenak, recorders; Krishna Nagaraja, viola/haringfele; Bergen, Norway
Concerto (Brandenburg Concerto No.5) - "Sydenham Concerts" Sun 28 May 2017 - London Brandenburg Soloists
SOLO RECITAL - "Sydenham Concerts" Sun 30 April 2017, 5pm "Bach, Fux and Kerll"
Concerto (Brandenburg No.5) - "Baroquestock!" Sun 23 April 2017 Istante Ensemble 
Concerto (Brandenburg No.5): Friday 10 Mar 2017 - London Concertante St. Martin-in-the-fields
Concerto (Brandenburg No.5): Thursday 9 Feb 2017 - Soloists of London Cadiz Festival, Spain
Concerto (Brandenburg No.5): Thursday 12 Jan - Solisti Divini: Trotovsek/Bizjak/Yamamoto
Concerto (Brandenburg No.5): Monday 19 DecSolisti Divini: Trotovsek/Bizjak/Yamamoto
Wednesday 26 Oct "Sydenham Concerts" Bach's Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord - With Johannes Pramsohler 
Mon 3 Oct - Tokyo, Japan - Bach's Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord - Johannes Pramsohler & Masumi Yamamoto
Sunday 21 Aug - Bergen, Norway - Nowegian folk fiddle, recorder and harpsichord
Friday 19th August "Sydenham Concerts" Nowegian folk fiddle, recorder and harpsichord
Two Harpsichords: Sat 30th July "Sydenham Concerts" Takako Minami & Masumi Yamamoto with Emily Atkinson
Two Harpsichords: 28th July St. Pancras Church Euston Road - Takako Minami & Masumi Yamamoto
SOLO RECITAL: Sunday 10th July The Ascension Church Timbercroft Lane Plumstead SE18 2SG
Thursday 7th July "Sydenham Concerts" - part of Sydenham Arts Festival - Duo Dialogo
Saturday 9th April: Solisti Divini - Blackheath International Chamber Music Festival
Friday 15th April: Handel Saul BBC Singers / St. James's Baroque, Milton Court, London
Sunday 24th April: Solo Recital St. Bartholomew's Church SE26 6QR Sydenham Concerts
Two Harpsichords: Tuesday 22nd December 2015 Oumi Gakudou, Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo, Japan
Jennifer Pike and Friends: Saturday 10th October 2015 Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall, London
CONCERTO: Sunday 20th September 2015 Paulus Barokk JS Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Oslo, Norway
SOLO RECITAL: Thursday 16th July 2015 St. Pancras Church, Euston Road NW1 2BA
CONCERTO: Tuesday 19th May 2015 Keld Ensemble conducted by Boris Peck St. Martin-in-the-fields, London
CONCERTO: 7.30pm, Saturday 11th April 2015 Keld Ensemble conducted by Boris Peck St. John's Church, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 7NF UK
CONCERTO: 7.30pm, Friday 9th January 2015 London Concertante City Halls, Glasgow, UK JS Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No 5
CONCERTO: Paulus Barokk: Sunday 9th November 2014 Stange, Norway
Orlando Chamber Choir/International Baroque Players: Thursday 6th November 2014 St James' Piccadilly London
Bespoke Baroque - Duel of the harpsichords: Friday 26th September 2014 "Music on the Green" Christ Church Esher 
Anette Bjornenak Trio: Wednesday 23rd July 2014 Oslo, Norway
Blackheath International Chamber Music Festival: Saturday 14th June 2014 Church of the Ascension, Blackheath
Anette Bjornenak Trio: Saturday 31st May 2014 Bremen, Germany
Lunchtime Solo Recital: 1.15pm, Thursday 8th May 2014 St. Pancras Church Scarlatti, Froberger and Royer
Friday 18th April 2014 Bach St Matthew Passion
International Baroque Players: 4pm, Sunday 13th April 2014 Bach St John Passion
Anette Bjornenak Trio2pm, Sunday 6th April 2014 Latinskolen Bergen, Norway Works by Telemann and Handel
SOLO RECITAL: 2pm, Sunday 30th March 2014 Burgh House, Hampstead "Mattheson's Musicians"
"BHS Weekend Recital" 2pm, Saturday 22nd February 2014 - Handel's Duelist Johann Mattheson: Handel House Museum
SOLO RECITAL: 7.30pm, Friday 3rd January 2014 "Mattheson's Musicians II" Schott Recital Room
Live Broadcast: 7pm, Friday 20th December 2013 "Handel - Messiah" BBC Singers / David Hill St. James's Baroque
SOLO RECITAL: Thursday 19th September 2013 Handel House Museum "Le Rappel des oiseaux: Birds and Birdsongs in 18th Century French Harpsichord Repertoire"
Lunchtime Recital: Thursday 12th September 2013 St. Pancras Church
SOLO RECITAL: Friday 9th August 2013 Charlton House "Mattheson's Musicians"
Two Harpsichords: Friday 2nd August 2013 Schott Recital Room "Mattheson's Musicians for two harpsichords"
SOLO RECITAL: Saturday 12th January 2013 Schott Recital Room "Mattheson's Musicians"
SOLO RECITAL: Thursday 18th October 2012 - Schott Recital Room "Cosmopolitan Baroque"

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